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Tell Everyone is “characterized by smart insights, a lively narrative and impressive research,” writes Professor Tim Currie in his review of the book for Currie, who teaches online journalism at the University of King’s College in Halifax, highlights the research behind the book, noting that:

Hermida has tucked the academic sourcing into 21 pages of endnotes and offered a highly readable 217-page tour of social movements, revolutions, journalistic gaffes and corporate PR disasters.

Currie notes how Tell Everyone weaves in current events such as the Boston Marathon bombings with context from history, such as the role of French Revolution-era salon “bloggers.”

Indeed, this book is only marginally about journalism, made clear by the absence of a reference to “news” in its title. It is at least as much about sociology and marketing.

For Currie. Tell Everyone is “a breezy narrative crammed with examples from recent headlines.”

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October 26, 2014