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The Globe and Mail: ‘Thought-provoking insights’

The Globe and Mail: ‘Thought-provoking insights’

A lengthy book review in The Globe and Mail says that Tell Everyone delivers many “thought-provoking insights.”

The review highlights author Alfred Hermida’s background as a journalist with a background in television, radio and the web:

His lucid, energetic prose demonstrates his reportorial instincts, and he’s totally at ease with scholarly sources.

The review by Simon Lewsen, a writing instructor at the University of Toronto, expresses some reservations though. It argues that the “book works well as a collection of essays” but it less effective in making a consistent argument.

Lewsen does acknowledge that “Hermida is at his best when breaking new ground,” citing the chapters that challenge conventional wisdom about narcissism on social media and about the Internet as an echo chamber.

Read the full review at The Globe and Mail.


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November 2, 2014