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Digital Journalism: “An easy read with lots of takeaways”

Digital Journalism: “An easy read with lots of takeaways”

“An easy read with lots of takeaways,” writes journalism professor Ulrika Hedman in her review of Tell Everyone for the journal, Digital Journalism.

In the review for the scholarly journal, Hedman explains that “Tell Everyone is written as a work of popular science,” adding that “as a former journalist, Hermida writes in a casual style and knows how to tell a story.”

The review says that “For readers wanting to extend their social media reach, the most interesting chapters will probably be the second, on why we share, and the third, on what triggers us to share.”

The University of Gothenburg professor concludes that Tell Everyone is “one of the first books to successfully explain the sharing logic of social media.”

The Digital Journalism journal is “a critical forum for scholarly discussion, analysis and responses to the wide ranging implications of digital technologies, along with economic, political and cultural developments, for the practice and study of journalism.”