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Communications@Syracuse: “Chock-full of important takeaways”

Communications@Syracuse: “Chock-full of important takeaways”

‘A a lightning fast read still chock-full of important takeaways,” is how Jenna Dutcher at the world-renowned Newhouse School at Syracuse University describes Tell Everyone.

In her review for the Communications@Syracuse blog, Dutcher notes that Tell Everyone “comes at an important time in our communications history, at a crossroads where we’re able to share everything with everyone in a way we’ve never before been able to.”

The review notes how the book “discusses exactly how brands might grab attention, whether through influencers, ambassadors or sheer dumb luck.” Dutcher goes on to say that “the book’s chapter on Voices That Rise Above the Noise is one that anyone working with social media or public sentiment will want to check out.”

Recommending the book, she concludes by writing: “Whether you’re in public relations, journalism or advertising, Hermida’s carefully researched tome will help open your eyes to the hazards and potential inherent in today’s social mediasphere—and maybe leave you reassessing your next tweet, to boot.”