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Praise for Tell Everyone

We all know social media has changed our world but Tell Everyone is the first ‎serious attempt to analyze what that change really means. From street protests to relationships to news coverage and everything in between, Alfred Hermida’s fascinating new book answers the question ‘what have we created and are we better off for it?’ #youwanttoreadthisbook. Peter Mansbridge

Host, The National, CBC

An insightful and compelling look at how the communication and the distribution of information has changed—now that practically everyone has their own forum to ‘broadcast’ at their fingertips. Kirstine Stewart


An excellent analysis of how social media is changing social and media dynamics.

John Stackhouse

Former editor-in-chief, The Globe and Mail

In Tell Everyone Alfred Hermida explores the inverted news paradigm created by user-generated content and social media. His investigations give us critical insight into one of the most disrupted industries of the post internet era. A must read for anyone who cares about the way we now make and receive our news. Michael Tippett

Director, New Products, Hootsuite

To share is human. This truth is so obvious that we routinely overlook it when caught up in competitive games and territorial defensiveness. But no one running a company, a team or a family stands a chance of success until they inspire and liberate our collaborative, communicative instincts. Hermida understands this and sees it in everything we do, make and build. The technology may be new but message is eternal: Information – like power – makes its greatest impact when it is shared. Margaret Heffernan

Author, A Bigger Prize: How We Can Do Better than the Competition

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This is a story about us. It is a story about how we are making sense of the world at a time of remarkable change in the circulation of news, information and ideas…

Now in paperback, the winner of the Canadian National Business Book Award






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Ever wondered what would happen if you spent 24 hours on Facebook? Listen to Tell Everyone author Alfred Hermida explain why we love social media in this Slack...

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Meet Alfred Hermida

Meet Alfred Hermida


Alfred Hermida is an award-winning author, online news pioneer and digital media scholar. He is an associate professor and director of the School of Journalism at the University of British Columbia, Vancouver, where he focuses on digital journalism and social media.

Recognized as one of Canada’s leading social media experts, Hermida is regularly featured in national and international news outlets. He is the recipient of numerous awards, including the 2015 National Business Book Award and the 2011 UBC President’s Award for Public Education Through Media. Hermida was a BBC journalist for 16 years, including four as a correspondent in North Africa and the Middle East. Find out more about Alfred Hermida.

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